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To start the New Year in 2023 we strive to provide much better and more personalized care for our patients, and decided we want to spend our time taking care of patients who value and respect our medical team and what we are trying to achieve for them.


We are implementing a Medical Membership cost of $500 annually for all our MEDICAL patients.


The cost of the membership is waived if:

  • you are a CASH patient, paying for medical visits and procedures out of pocket
  • you are an AESTHETIC patient that is enrolled in our LOYALTY Program
  • you are enrolled in our HRT Bio Identical wellness Program
  • you are enrolled in our pellet HRT program


For All New Patients joining the practice, the Medical Membership fee of $500 will apply after their 1st visit. We collect a $100 deposit to make the 1st appointment and after you meet the team and the doctor and decide to enroll you will pay $400.


The cost of the membership is collected every year in January and we request a credit card on file to charge, or expect you to call and pay by end of January 31st, every year.


Why Membership?


The Medical Membership allows us to select the patients that understand what we offer and value the health goals they achieved, and wish to maintain them with our help.


We in turn plan to dedicate more time when attending to the care and needs of our patients. In turn, patients have more personalized access to appointments, prescription refills and other valuable perks.


Who Does our Membership apply to?


Our Medical Membership applies to all medical patients joining the Practice in 2023. The membership fee will apply after their first visit with the provider. Current medical patients will not be required to pay a Membership fee until 2024, unless they wish to access the perks the membership offers.


What are the PERKS?


There are many advantages to being a member of the Practice. The Membership provides the following benefits:


  • Access to a provider within 3 business days of request for care received for non-urgent matters and same day access by end of business day if urgent medical issue identified and confirmed – priceless
  • Emergency prescription refill requests processed same day by our patient care coordinator or our nurse (6 calls annually) priceless
  • Same day response to portal message sent in our EMR priceless
  • Same day response to text for appointment cancelations due to personal emergency – membership covers 2 appointment cancellations a year due to personal issues no questions asked valued at $50 each total $100
  • Unlimited documentation support like: doctor letters valued at $35-50 each, faxing record to other offices valued at $50 etc
  • 2 Vitamin B12 injections a year valued at $45 each
  • 20% off on supplements (excludes Lifepak vitamins, Collagen Beauty and skin care products)
  • Access to our discount quest prices for tests not covered by insurance – priceless – Insurance plans have large deductibles and Medicare stopped covering a multitude of tests – in case Quest charges you a large amount for uncovered tests we can save you money by converting your bill to cash pay (for ex. basic sex hormones panel can be over $200-$300 at quest and our cost is under $100; for a single test billed $200 or more our cost might be under $50)






For our discerning and loyal clients, we offer a Platinum Membership


We planned the perks offered by our Platinum Membership to allow our medical patients who also come to us for anti-aging, aesthetic, hormonal support to blend services and have access to unique personalized perks, that provide the best experience and results we can offer.


The cost of the Platinum Membership is $3,000 for 12 months in 2023.

Enrollment is open year-round but price might change and is not guaranteed.

Price can change based on current market value and might need to be adjusted for inflation throughout 2023.


This membership provides the following benefits:


  • All the perks of the HERA membership


  • Direct access to Dr Cernaianu business cell phone between 8 am-9 pm text is best
  • Direct access to our Patient Care Coordinator cell phone between 8 am-9 pm
  • Same day medical appointment for any urgent issue and guaranteed next day routine appointment
  • $450 Guaranteed Pellet HRT cost per insertion regardless of current cost


  • $200 each Bio identical wellness visit during membership


  • $1000 annually to use for any laser treatment or package desired
  • Enrollment in our exclusive LOYALTY program providing 25-30% OFF special discounts for any laser beauty treatment we offer including PRP, SoME
  • Enrollment in our BOTOX membership – optional (we give you all the perks and no pressure to use it)
  • Enrollment in our FILLER membership – optional (we give you all the perks and no pressure to use it)




  • MONTHLY Menu of Wellness services:





  • 3 B12-Vitamin Injections valued at $135 ($1620)*


  • or 2 Lipo Mino Injections valued at $120 ($1440)*


  • 2 B12 PLUS 1 Lipo Mino Injections valued at $150 ($1800)*



  • $120 in monies to cover supplement purchase ($1440)*


*The annual total value is in parenthesis after the offered wellness product


OR access to use our MEDICAL ANTI-AGING GYM


  • Morpheus TONE EMS strengthening 1 area 2 sessions every month ($2000)


  • $299 monthly cost for 1 area of body using MSculpt or NEO
  • $499 monthly cost for 2 areas of body using Msculpt or NEO
  • $750 monthly cost for 3 areas of body using MSculpt or NEO

(this is optional as a perk – the regular cost of NEO monthly use is available only for patients who complete a 4 sessions package of treatment and want to maintain the muscle strength and skin tightening – as a platinum member you don’t need to purchase a NEO Package to get access)



    Pellet Patients

    • New pricing starts March 1, 2023 – Pellet insertions will be $500 (cash) $550 (card) each time – if you are established and getting a pellet on your birthday month, you will receive a $100 credit every year towards 1 pellet insertion.
    • We are offering the option  to prepay your pellets for 2023 at the current price between Jan 1 and Feb 28, 2023.
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